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Kasper J Bentley

I gave myself a week away from posting. It was the longest week and full of tears. Our Kasper J Bentley “Tater tot” passed away last Sunday. He had slowed down a lot since his birthday in May. And in typical Kasper fashion he got sick on a Sunday. He was well known to get sick on a weekend or holiday. I rather not remember that day. So I thought I’ld share some happy times that we had with our 12…

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Community Foundation Web Design

Community Foundation Web Design

PROJECT Chautauqua Region Community Foundation

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation website was a large project with over 1000 pages of funds and information relating the non-profit organization’s long history of assisting our community. We thought it was important to add an interactive timeline so that the Foundation’s history could be documented, from its inception to far in the future,…

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The AP Gypsy

In our brilliant wisdom, after we got back from vacation we decided to move the studio back to our house. We had decided to stay through August at 101 W Fifth. We then realized that labor day is super early this year. I didn’t want to move during labor day weekend. Hard labor on labor day seemed like the antithesis of what the holiday was about. Sooo we thought might as well get rolling after…

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